We make textured traction for your surfboard. Pretty simple, right?

We won’t charge you extra for a team-rider signature pad, knowing full well the team rider in question has barely cast their eye over the design.
We won’t charge you extra for diamond-cut, platinum-coated, NASA-approved, super-hyper-ultra-extra-light materials and designs, knowing full well it’s just the same as what the guy down the street is making.
We won’t convince you that we’re powered by organic fairy dust, locally-sourced unicorns and positive vibes, because we’re both better than that.
We won’t push some pseudo-punk ethos on you, because in reality, we’re all a bunch of ponces prancing around in tight, black suits and it doesn’t even hurt when we fall off. That ain’t punk.

We’re not them. We’re us.

What we will do, is provide you with a high-quality, high-performance, low-cost, aesthetically pleasing traction pad for your surfboard… because that’s all you need, right?

Anyway, enough about us.
It’s just a PAAD, get a grip!